Eriko Kinoshita

Hi, my name is Eriko, I have been part of this ever evolving KidsXpress village since 2012.

I came to beautiful Sydney from Japan to study Graduate Diploma of Expressive Therapies and Master of Art Therapy.

This study was life changing in a way that helped me reflect on my own life; past, present and future. Life can be challenging and confusing at times, Arts therapy was such powerful, joyful and exposing media for me to understand myself so much..

So that’s why I am here, I believe in healing power of Expressive therapy, Creative Therapy and Arts therapy. Especially when the opportunities for creativity and imagination meet kids, kids innate curiosity and superpower to express unique self just sparks with sounds of music instruments, splash of colors or through imaginary characters, possibilities are limitless.

I have had so many unforgettable therapy magic moments with kids through our therapy at KidsXpress, I look forward  to sharing this journey with you, too!