Natalie Willson

Hi, my name is Natalie Willson.  I am extremely passionate about the power of music, music therapy and the unique concept that is KidsXpress.  My dream job to work as the Music Therapist at KidsXpress became a reality thanks to the huge support of the Vodafone Australia Foundation and the World of Difference Program.  From a very young age, music has always played a significant role in my life and my passion only grows as time goes by.  I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2001 and have practiced both here in Australia as well as overseas.  What I enjoy most about my role at KidsXpress is being completely ‘in the moment’ with children when they recognise they do have a “voice” – a “voice” they can use to freely express their feelings and emotions about themselves and their lives, with or without words.  This “voice” through the power of music therapy gives children a freedom that is indescribable.