Robyn Turton

Hello, my name is Robyn, and am a Trauma Informed Consultant at KidsXpress.

As a team member in the schools program, I invest my time and energy sharing the importance and benefits of a trauma informed approach within primary education. I work collaboratively with staff, parents and students to find ways to make education an accessible and a positive experience. The best learning happens when children and teachers feel safe, valued and connected. The work that teachers, principals and support staff do with children is so crucial, and I am passionate about staff wellbeing.

I am a Social Worker with over twenty years’ experience. Most of my work has been in out-of-home care and adoption, and I have experience with children and families seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. I have seen the challenges children with developmental trauma face in the education setting and have witnessed how resilient kids can be who have experienced significant adversity.  It is encouraging to see new developments in research on the impact of trauma on young brains and to know there are ways to support and empower students and educators.

I have completed a Graduate Certificate for Art and Play Therapy and have two years’ experience in play therapy. I love the spontaneity and creativity of children and young people and am always amazed by the different ways children find to express their inner world. Working with schools who are supportive of expressive therapies and actively applying trauma informed practice is a real privilege.