Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace

A trauma-informed organisation operates with a deep understanding of the impacts of stress and trauma on its employees and the communities and clients it serves.

We offer the two following workshops that can be tailor made to suit all settings, staff and priorities:

Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace

  • Adhere to Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice regarding psychosocial hazards.
  • Gain insights into how trauma can negatively impact your workplace.
  • Identify trauma-related stress responses.
  • Understand triggers and avoid re-traumatisation.
  • Respond appropriately when an incident occurs.
  • Support recovery and wellbeing of staff.

We also offer a trauma-informed mentoring/consultation package that enables organisations to connect with our experts for on-demand debriefing sessions following training to analyse and address real-life scenarios.

Cost of Caring

  • Identify signs of compassion fatigue and burnout.
  • Explore the link between workpace dynamics, compassion fatigue, and mental health outcomes.
  • Learn effective strategies on how to prevent and address compassion fatigue and burnout.

All proceeds from these workshops and mentoring programs contribute directly to funding therapy for vulnerable children through our programs.

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