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Contact us at training@kidsxpress.org.au or on (02) 9380 9220 to discuss our bespoke Training and Education Services for your school.

Parents & Carers

Your child must be referred by a suitable professional – usually from health, education or social services. For instance a psychologist, school counsellor or social worker. The referring professional needs to be currently working with the child and not related to them. Following the initial referral, KidsXpress will contact you and the referrer by mail to confirm your child’s placement on the wait list. When a place comes up, you’ll be contacted again to arrange an assessment for your child. If you would like assistance in finding a suitable referrer, please email KidsXpress at info@kidsxpress.org.au or call us on (02) 9380 9220.

Professional Referrers

Contact us at info@kidsxpress.org.au or on (02) 9380 9220.

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We rely on corporate and individual philanthropy to run our program. You can make a tremendous, life-long difference to the lives of children impacted by trauma. Please consider getting involved and contact us at info@kidsxpress.org.au or on (02) 9380 9220.

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If you want to know anything else, please contact us at info@kidsxpress.org.au 

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