It’s like winning the lotto.

Louise Challis, Principal Hampden Park Public School, a KidsXpress partner school

Promoting children's mental health in school communities

Schools play a vital role in reducing mental health stigma and supporting the mental health needs of students and their family. But they can’t do it alone.

Our acclaimed School Partnership Program combines our Expressive Therapy and Education Services and involves dedicated trauma-informed therapists and consultants who move into a school for three years. They work closely with students, families and staff to improve emotional wellbeing and provide mental health support for the whole school community.

Schools who’ve partnered with us report the following outcomes:

  • A reduction in teacher secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Improved teacher attrition rates
  • Significant improvements in classroom behaviour
  • Fewer suspensions/expulsions
  • Improved student attendance and learning outcomes
  • Improved parent/carer engagement

Support for Students

The program is comprised of Expressive Therapy using the therapeutic benefit of music, art, drama, play and dance/movement. A team of two highly-skilled therapists will support children in regular sessions in the following settings.

  • Individual Therapy

    Children are supported in a 1:1 setting in 30-60 minute sessions.

    Regular sessions are recommended and held in our expressive therapy space at the school.

  • Group Therapy

    Comprised of 4-6 children grouped by age and, where possible, referral reasons. Group therapy programs are facilitated by 2 Expressive Therapists in 60-90 minute sessions. Group Therapy is not suitable in all cases and will be assessed once a referral is received.

  • Tailored support

    Tailored support for students as identified may include the following:

    • Social and peer support during lunch
    • Transition – to kindergarten and high school programs
    • Tailored groups eg. Keeping Me Safe

Educational Services

Delivered by our specialised trauma-informed consultant, this support includes:

  • Psycho Education

    Whole-school workshops for educators

  • Teacher Consultation

    Support and strengthen teachers capacity to respond to challenges

  • In Class Support

    Mentoring teachers to strengthen trauma informed practices

  • School Wellbeing Support

    Kindy and High school transition programs, playground connection activities foster a trauma sensitive culture

  • Parent and Carer Support

    Parenting programs and resources for families