I didn’t feel like the odd one out anymore.

Gracie, former KidsXpress client

Helping your child understand KidsXpress

Explaining therapy to your child can be difficult for you and confusing for them. While most children are open to participating in our program, some do resist.

As you prepare to come in for your first session your child may ask:

What is KidsXpress?

Why am I going?

What will happen there?

Here are some suggestions on how to describe KidsXpress to your child

At KidsXpress you get to use music, art, drama, dance and play to look and learn about yourself, your friendships and relationships, feelings and how to deal with things happening in your life.

They encourage you to use your creativity to work through tough times and cope with the ups and downs of life.

It’s different to school, as the KidsXpress Team won’t be teaching you. Instead you can choose to play, draw, sing, dance and act to help express yourself and your feelings—even if those feelings are hard to say in words.

They are really excited to meet you soon.

You will receive a KidsXpress book that has lots of fun activities that you can bring along with you to share with the team.

…And, it’s lots of fun!