Sometimes it's tough being a kid.

Especially when you're dealing with serious life challenges. You can feel alone – with emotions too big and complicated to handle. That's where we can help.

KidsXpress offers children who are facing emotional trauma a place where they can really figure things out. Working in small groups, our therapists encourage each child to not only explore their thoughts and feelings, but to find their own ways to cope with them.

Not just for now, but from now on.

I feel


Children come in to the program with feelings and emotions that are difficult to explain and to deal with.

I will


Once they get the feel of the program, they explore using the creative modalities – music, art, drama and play – to express themselves.

I can


In the latter stages of the program the child begins to use the therapeutic tools they've been taught to develop stronger coping skills.

I am


By the end of the program the child will be better able to respond to their experiences, building better relationships with themselves and with others.