“My son is still in my life today because of KidsXpress”

Mother of 12-year old boy referred for severe anxiety.

Our world-first and nationally accredited Expressive Therapy program combines the four key creative therapies of music, art, drama and play alongside each other, providing each child with many ways to express their thoughts and feelings. The following Expressive Therapy programs are offered at our Therapy Centre in Macquarie Park. Our therapists will determine the most suitable program for a child in consultation with the referrer, caregivers and the child.

Group Therapy

Comprised of 4-6 children grouped by age and, where possible, referral reasons and facilitated by two Expressive Therapists in 90-min sessions for a period of 10 weeks.

Individual Therapy

Children are supported in a one-on-one setting in 60-min sessions. Program duration is assessed on a case-by-case basis and ranges from 10-20 weeks.

Dyad Therapy

Caregivers join their child on their therapeutic journey in these joint sessions which are delivered by one Expressive Therapist in 60-minute sessions over a period of up to 20 weeks. When appropriate, this program can also include therapeutic support for carers and the younger siblings of participating children.

How to Apply

To ensure a network of care around the child, all children must be referred by a suitable professional currently working with the child and/or family – usually from the health, education or welfare sector. Examples include GPs, school counsellors and caseworkers. Children cannot be referred by a family member. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an appropriate referrer for your child.

Referral Process

Referring professionals are required to contact us for a KidsXpress referral pack. One referral form, including a signed consent form by the caregivers and referrer must be completed for each child in consultation with the caregivers. Completed referrals should be emailed to referrals@kidsxpress.org.au or posted to:-

Level 2, 50 Waterloo Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on (02) 9380  9220 or by email at referrals@kidsxpress.org.au

Explaining KidsXpress to a child

  • You get to use music, art, drama and play to look and learn about yourself, your relationships, feelings and how to deal with the things happening in your life.
  • The therapists won’t be teaching you about singing, drawing or acting. Instead, you’ll do those things to express yourself and your feelings – especially those feelings that are hard to express with words.
  • (For Group Therapy participants) You’ll be in a small group with kids your own age – and it’s once a week for a school term.
  • It’s lots of fun!

After the program

Upon completion of a program, referrers and caregivers receive a summary of the child’s participation in our program with any further recommendations – if required. To validate the program’s efficacy, we ask caregivers and referrers to complete an online evaluation/questionnaire.


Fees are based on program recommendations and individual needs. Please contact us for more information.