“I came in sad and came out feeling safe”

KidsXpress Client Aged 8

What is Expressive Therapy?

Expressive Therapy combines psychology and the creative process to promote emotional growth and healing. By harnessing our inborn desire to create, the KidsXpress Expressive Therapy program uniquely combines the modalities of art, music, play and drama as therapeutic tools to help initiate change. Our approach is underpinned by an understanding of early intervention, the proven healing powers of the expressive therapies and the incredible ability of the brain to change itself (‘neuroplasticity’). For children with limited language skills and vocabularies, and particularly for children impacted by trauma who may be unable to put thoughts into speech, expression through art, music, movement, or play empowers them to express themselves without the need for words. Our Group Expressive Therapy program received national accreditation by the Australian Institute of Family Studies in 2015.

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Why is Expressive Therapy beneficial?

Creativity and play are the tools a child first uses to learn about themselves and their world. Moreover, neurophysiologists have shown that art and healing all come from the same source in the body and so expressive therapies can effectively assist in the healing process by altering a child’s brain physiology, ultimately leading to improved emotional wellbeing. As a child is welcomed into the KidsXpress therapeutic space, the expressive modalities offer a stable ground for developing emotional safety and opening pathways for inherent healing which may otherwise be inaccessible by traditional talking therapies. Put simply, a child’s creative process becomes their road towards emotional health.

Who can benefit from Expressive Therapy?

Expressive Therapy can be beneficial for anyone but is especially helpful for supporting children impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). As it is non-verbal and sensory-based, it is particularly useful for young children who may not have the language skills to articulate thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions. For children who are facing emotional trauma, it provides many flexible ways to convey what may be difficult to express with words. Our Expressive Therapists are all highly qualified and hold postgraduate qualifications in their respective field. The KidsXpress Expressive Therapy program is open to all children under the age of 12yrs.