Toxic Stress: The hidden epidemic in every school

Recent studies suggest that as many as 13 out of every 30 students in an average classroom will have toxic stress from three or more traumatic experiences. In communities with high poverty, the figures are higher. Compared with children with no adverse childhood experiences, these children are: – 3 times more likely to fail – 5 times more likely to have severe attendance problems – 6 times more likely to have severe behaviour problems – 4 times more likely to have self-reports of poor health (Source: Blodgett, C., Harrington, R., Lohan, J., Short, R., Turner, N., & Winikoff, J. (2013). Adverse Childhood Experience and Developmental Risk in Elementary Schoolchildren). Stressed brains can’t learn and so our workshops will help to create a positive learning environment where children and adults thrive.

Foundation Workshop: Understanding Adversity – A Brain Based Approach to Emotional and Behavioural Challenges


Ideal for teachers and educators who would like to learn about the neuroscience of challenging behaviour; key concepts in trauma informed education, as well as practical classroom and playground strategies to support well-being and learning readiness.

The Cost of Caring – Secondary Traumatic Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care at Work

Supporting teachers and educators to understand, cope and manage their own emotional responses so they are better able to support students.

  • Vicarious trauma / Compassion fatigue – Understanding the signs and symptoms
  • Identifying positive strategies for self-care

An Expressive Therapy Approach to Managing Emotional & Behavioural Challenges

Ideal for school counsellors providing an interactive and experiential approach to understanding the fundamental knowledge behind behavioural responses in children, and the practical application of expressive therapy to nurture self-regulation, self-expression, communication and strong relationships with children.

Tailored Consultancy

We provide tailored support, training and coaching to help schools implement systems and practices that support wellbeing and learning. Once we understand your specific goals and needs, we can quote on specific projects of work, or you can choose from our flexible pre-paid support packages: Beginning, Developing and Continuing. All packages are valid for twelve months from purchase and are customised according to your needs.

Keynote and Conference Presentations

Our Education and Training Consultants can be booked for bespoke keynote or conference presentations. Contact us at or by phone on (02) 9380 9220 for more information or to book a workshop

For more information on any of these services contact us at or by phone on (02) 9380 9220