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Trauma and mental ill-health shows up differently for each child, but there are common signs. Recognising and responding to the signs is important in ensuring children get the help they need to prevent long-term hurt and begin healing.

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What are ACEs

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) come in many forms, from physical and mental abuse to neglect and household dysfunction. Numerous studies have proven a direct correlation between ACEs and future health complications.

By understanding how toxic stress affects the minds and bodies of children, we can interrupt these changes by providing safe, stable, nurturing environments, while helping children build social-emotional skills and resilience.

The Impact of Natural Disaster-related ACEs on Children's Mental Health

A child who experiences natural disaster can have lingering effects to their mental and emotional wellbeing that may be difficult for us to see at first.

To find out about how KidsXpress has worked with a community faced with the devastating impacts of a natural disaster click here.

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Feelings cards are a valuable tool and are used extensively when supporting children to explore their moods and emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities.

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High School Transition

Moving to high school is one of the key milestones of a child’s life. In Term 3 of 2023 we conducted a survey for Year 6 students for the purpose of understanding their thoughts and emotions about this transition. Discovering the voice of the students at three of our partner schools has been a powerful revelation.

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