This training helped me to remember why I became a teacher.

Lynn, Classroom Teacher.

Using trauma-informed practice to create safe environments

Individuals who have experienced trauma or toxic stress may find it challenging to engage effectively in educational or work environments due to the impact trauma has on their cognitive abilities and emotional regulation.

Often stemming from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as abuse, neglect, and grief, individuals impacted by trauma may experience persistent tension or arousal, hindering their ability to focus and process information.

Our workshops aim to enhance participants’ skills in identifying and supporting individuals affected by trauma, fostering a more responsive and inclusive environment.

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Tailoring a workshop

Workshops can be tailored but not limited to the following audiences:

  • Health Professionals
  • Emergency Services Professionals
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Other Community Groups
  • Business Professionals

Contact us if you’d like to discuss a tailored workshop or training session for your school or organisation.

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Tailored trauma-informed consultancy

Trauma-informed consultancy can be tailored for different settings and can include:

For Educators

  • One-on-one educator mentoring and support for staff
  • Whole class support including classroom observations of child/ren
  • Development of tailored Emotion Support Plans
  • Role modelling of trauma-sensitive language, emotion identification, co-regulation strategies and much more
  • Staff reflective Practice and Staff wellbeing sessions

For Workplaces

  • Integrating trauma-informed care in your organisation
  • Expert consultation during times of crisis
  • Debriefing sessions
  • Analysis and planning to address real-life scenarios

“You are amazing. I learn something new every time we speak, and I have been teaching for over 30 years.”
– Michelle O’Dowd, Drummoyne Public School Assistant Principal

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