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Half of all mental health conditions emerge before age 14*, yet signs of a struggling child often go unnoticed.

Our nationwide survey of 1600 Australian parents found that 1 in 3 don’t feel they can confidently recognise signs of poor mental health in their child. If parents miss the signs, their wider network may also. While some behaviours are just part of growing up, some tend to signify an underlying issue. Recognising these signs and seeking help in time can really make a difference to prevent long-term hurt and begin healing.

(*Kessler, R.C., et al., Lifetime prevalence and age-of onset distributions of DSM-IV disorders 2005).

1 in 3

Australian parents may not recognise poor mental health in their child.


of Australians regret missing out on mental health support in their early years.


of Australians think mental health should be taught before aged 10.

(*Dentsu Intelligence, 2022).

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